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We specialise in Loans for Self-employed
Business Owners that can borrow through a Pty Ltd Company

A range of solutions are available to business owners and company owners. It may be that you don't have financials, have paid or unpaid credit defaults, Judgments, current or previous loan arrears, recently out of bankruptcy including part 9 or part 10, require equity released from property, want to consolidate debts, payout ATO debts, cannot get a bank or non-bank loan. If this is your situation, then it's very likely we have a loan to assist you.

Our private loans are cheaper than Credit Cards
from 9.95%*

Our private lenders want to lend you money based on the equity in your new or existing property. For these types of loans, we skip all the red tape and paper work involved with traditional lenders and Banks allowing us to approve and settle very fast when others cannot. We lend on a range of property including Residential, Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Vacant Land. We lend in all capital cities and major regional areas with populations of at least 10,000. *Rate is higher if lvr is over 65% and under 75%

  • Choose set weekly, set fortnightly or set monthly repayments

  • Option to include 3 to max 12 months of interest payments and all fees into the loan

  • No exit penalties, pay only a mortgage release legal fee. Option to rollover for further terms

  • Interest rates matched to lvr's and borrowers individual situations

Why a loan from Platinum Mortgages is your smartest choice

Funds available

A complete range of bank, non-bank and private loans with rates to suit all types of borrowers

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Business financials, tax returns, profit and loss, balance sheets not required for private loans

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Our simple application process means minimum documentation is required for most loan products

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Business investment
and expansion

Private Funding
Property and Business

Property & Business Loans from Platinum Mortgages

We have loans for PAYG employees, self-employed business owners with a company, family trusts and SMSF's. Our loans are provided by banks, non-bank lenders & private lenders. We've been in the business since 1996. We are credit advisers, mortgage originators and mortgage brokers. Accreditations are held with popular banks, building societies and non-bank lenders. Full members of MFAA. A number of private funding lines are in place and we have a strong track record of successfully assisting buyers and property owners with all types of loans.

1st Mortgages Private (Business Purposes)
Interest Rates:
  • Up to 65% lvr from:
    9.95% pa
  • 65.01% to 75% lvr range:
    11.95% - 15.95% pa
  • Fees
    Lender fee from $1,995 | Legals from $1,650 | Val from $660* | PM Fee 2.2% (min $2,200)
  • Term
    3 months to 7 years
  • Amount
    $50,000 – $2,000,000
  • Max LVR
    Capped at 75% incl fees & interest. Capital Cities & Major Regional with pop of 10,000+
2nd Mortgages Private (Business Purposes)
Interest Rates:
  • Up to 65% lvr from:
    15.95% pa
  • 65.01% to 75% lvr range:
    17.95% - 19.95% pa
  • Fees
    Lender fee from $2,995 | Legals from $1,650 | Val from $660* | PM Fee 2.2% (min $2,200)
  • Term
    3 months to 7 years
  • Amount
    $50,000 – $2,000,000
  • Max LVR
    Capped at 75% incl fees & interest. Capital Cities & Major Regional with pop of 10,000+
Home Loans Bank & Non-bank
Interest Rates:
  • Variable P&I O/O from:
    3.64% pa
  • Variable P&I Inv from:
    4.24%* pa
  • Fees
    App fee $0-600 | Val fee $0-250
  • Term
    1 year to 30 years
    Up to 2 years discounted
    Fixed 1 year to 5 years
  • Amount
    $30,000 – $2,500,000
  • Max LVR
    Up to 95% inc LMI. Capital Cities & 90% Major Regional areas with pop of 10,000+
Bridging Loan Private (Personal Purposes - NCCP)
Interest Rate:
  • Up to 65% lvr:
    1.333% pcm
  • 65.01% to 75% lvr range:
    1.5% pcm
  • Fees
    Lender Fee 2.2% | Legals from $1,650 | Val from $660* | PM Fee 2.2% (min $2,200)
  • Term
    30 days to 7 years
  • Amount
    $30,000 – no limit
  • Max LVR
    Capped at 75% incl fees. Interest payable monthly or added to loan. Capital Cities & Major Regional with pop of 10,000+

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Who are our clients?

Our clients are PAYG employees, self-employed with a Pty Ltd Company, Family Trusts and SMSF's. Are business owners that may not have up-to-date financials or tax returns. May have missed loan repayments, have credit defaults, court judgements or been a bankrupt. Are a new business without financials. We don't judge or discriminate.

I'm a self-employed business owner and a property owner but I don't qualify for a bank loan at this time

Plumbing Contractor


I'm a property developer using property equity to buy vacant blocks of land. I build new homes and subdivide to earn my living from property sales

Property Developer


My business is very profitable but has its ups and downs with sales. Often I require a working capital loan to pay wages and bills

Furniture Manufacturer


Everyone’s borrowing circumstances are different, which is why we offer repayment options to suit. PAYG, Trusts, SMSF's and business borrowers that have great cash flow can choose weekly, fortnightly and monthly principal and interest or interest payments commencing one month after settlement.

Other borrowers prefer to have interest and fees built into the loan and payable upon total repayment of the debt at the end of its term. We can also offer clients the option to extend the term of their loan after the initial term has completed, provided certain conditions have been met.

Our loan interest rates vary depending upon identified lending risks, settlement time frames, the term of the loan, the purpose of the loan and the type/s of property/ies the mortgage/s is/are taken out on.

The National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, or NCCP, is legislation that’s designed to protect consumers and ensures ethical and professional standards in the finance industry. Lenders and mortgage brokers must hold a credit licence or be registered as an authorised credit representative. The NCCP is regulated and enforced by ASIC in accordance with the National Credit Code(NCC).

What is a Regulated loan? - As a general rule, almost all home loan types and applications are regulated under the Act. The rules for this are complicated, however, a loan is likely to be regulated if the borrower is a natural person, a charge is made for providing the credit and the credit provider provides the credit in the course of a business. The credit is provided wholly or predominately for personal, domestic or household purposes. Or to purchase, renovate or improve residential property for investment purposes. Or to refinance credit that’s been provided wholly or predominately to purchase, renovate or improve residential property for investment purposes. This means that most standard home loans are regulated under the NCCP Act.

What is an Unregulated loan? - There are exceptions that aren’t regulated by the NCCP Act. Home loans that are unregulated include loans in the name of a Company (i.e. not to a “natural person”) or loans used predominantly to invest in commercial property, shares or a business.

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We offer loans to a wide array of borrowers including salaried employees, family trusts, SMSF's, businesses, property developers, property agents and self-employed with varying financial circumstances. You may have bad or really bad credit, judgements, defaults, mortgage arrears, mortgagee in possession, court writs, been told you are too old to get a loan and many more reasons.

You may not have any financials or are a new business, you may not have cashflow, you may be experiencing marital separation, or you are facing bankruptcy proceedings or liquidation.

You've been turned away by other lenders and banks. If this is you, its very likely we have a loan solution for you!

We offer a large range of bank and non-bank loans from Australia's popular lenders

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