Who we are

We are Mortgage Managers and Brokers for all types of residential and commercial mortgages.

We are a small team of professionals that are licensed credit advisors, financial advisors and real estate advisors operating throughout Australia.

Assisting us are a range of professionals to ensure we look after our clients in a holistic way.

Our history

  • Became licensed Real Estate Principals in WA. Now offering a holistic suite of loan products including SMSF, NRAS, Non-resident and more

  • Added Financial Planning to the offering for existing and new clients

  • Ceased using brokers to provide new loans and added real estate services

  • Relocated to Brisbane and commenced authorising finance brokers to join us

  • Entered the finance industry as a Mortgage Manager for Interstar & others

Why use us?

All clients benefit from our holistic range of products and services.

Our licences, accreditations and authorisations allow us to see the big picture rather than just the loan. Benefit from what we know rather than just the features of the loans we offer.

  • Offering loans from most lenders
  • Providing comprehensive financial advice
  • Providing comprehensive property advice
  • We offer free face-to-face online meetings
  • SMSF Specialist loan products & advice
  • NRAS Specialist loan products & advice
  • Mortgage Protection Insurance products available
  • Offices located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melb and Perth
  • National call number for every state
  • We can reduce the tax you pay and increase your wealth

Meet out team

Robert Kirk mba

Director, Credit Licence Holder and Mortgage Manager of commercial and residential home loans

Jenny Best mba

Director, Mortgage Manager and Front Office Manager of mortgages throughout Australia

Admin Team

Front Office, Accounts, Administration, Customer Service, Arrears and Director Support

Our Licensing

  1. Credit Licences

    ASIC have issued licence no. 393265 to Platinum Mortgage Management Pty Ltd

  2. Real Estate Licences

    Licenses are held for Qld, Vic, NSW and WA. Qld licence no. 3245385. WA licence no. TC RA67954

  3. Financial Advisor

    Authorised Representative TBA


  • Scott and Susan no longer pay any tax to the ATO. Instead, they use the tax they were paying to reduce their home loan and be debt free years ahead. It took home equity, 4 x NRAS Incentives, 2 x Negative Gearing Taxation Benefits and Strategy!
    Scott and Susan, Clients
  • Darryl and Catherine no longer pay any personal tax or SMSF tax to the ATO. Instead, they use the tax they were paying to reduce their home loan and be debt free years ahead. And, used some of their Super to include 2 x NRAS Incentives and add another $500,000 or so to boost their retirement funds
    Darryl and Catherine, Clients