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    To begin, click here to download a FactFind. Complete as much as you can, save the pdf and email back. We'll send you what you need after its processed.

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    A full suite of popular internet calculators are available from all brokers and banks. Click here for Bigsky Building Societies calculators.

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    We provide loans for purchasing, refinancing, investing, construction, Self-managed super funds, NRAS, vacant land and non-residents.

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    Interest rates available include standard variable, discounted variable, fixed for up to 5 years, investors, SMSF, NRAS, Specialty loans, interest only, principle and interest.

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Equity Release for Seniors - New Product Range

DomaCom is currently working towards an equity release product as part of the DomaCom Fund offering for Senior Australians.

DomaCom believes a fractional equity release product will be a viable alternative to the existing reverse mortgage model for Senior Australians because it will be based on an equity model rather than debt (which is the basis for the reverse mortgage model). Debt models are reliant on the availability of short term global cash to maintain funding, which is at odds with the longer term need of Seniors requiring equity release to fund retirement and aged care needs over the longer term.

The fractional model will also facilitate the incremental transfer of property wealth from one generation to another. Ultimately, Seniors will have the benefit of maintaining a reasonable standard of living and not being forced financially to sell and move coupled with a permanent right of residency in their home.

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