Time Frame for processing home loans

How long will it take for your home loan application to be processed?
The time taken to process your loan is dependent on a number of factors, including:
Requirement of a valuation
Complexity of your loan
Availability of supporting documents i.e. your payslips, credit card statements etc.
How quickly you return your signed loan documents
Tips for a fast home loan application
To make your application process quick and easy, you will be issued with a checklist to help you prepare the documents you need to provide. In many cases, incorrect documents or not enough documentation is bought to the home loan interview which can cause delays.
Ensure you advise your real estate agent if the bank requires a valuation. Your lender will be able to advise you if a valuation is required, generally during the home loan interview. The quicker the valuer can gain access to the property the quicker the valuation can be performed.