We're online face-to-face Advisors too!

Offering loans and advice across the world
Prefer to meet with an Advisor face-to-face? We use GoToMeeting to provide structuring advice, home loans and property advice. It's not complicated to setup or use, we send you a link to click on. We offer our online services to people not in our immediate location and service any area that has internet.
Who we work with and how long Consultations can take
Many of the clients we work with are busy Gen X and Gen Y professionals. They use technology on a daily basis for work and personal reasons. The married couples are usually both working in high-intensity jobs while juggling the demands of a family. Taking time out of their day to drive to an Advisors office, have an hour-long meeting, then drive back to their own workspace would easily eat up two to three hours of valuable time. When we have a call or online face-to-face meeting, there's a set agenda, the appointment is on their work calendar, and we are able to accomplish everything in 30 to 45 minutes. When we do this, clients don’t need to spend so much time away from the office, get a babysitter, or drive around town.
Consultations don't cost as much as you would think
An advantage to clients is that we are able to keep operating costs down. Because we're mobile and don't maintain expensive offices, our overhead costs are low. There is a lot of flexibility in conducting business online. We don't charge fees for online face-to-face meetings. We are commission-based and receive payments from banks & non-banks when clients proceed with a loan.
Clients that like this way of Consulting
Clients that fit best in a virtual relationship are those that are comfortable with technology, somewhat self-sufficient, and aware of why this setup benefits them. We’ve found that members of Gen X and Gen Y actually like working with an Advisor virtually because they are already comfortable with technology, they’re used to communicating this way, and they like the time-saving convenience. As an added benefit, those clients get to choose an Advisor because the Advisor specialises in their specific situation, not because the Advisor happens to live near them.